Flash Freebies for the New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope you have enjoyed a much deserved break! To help you get your new year started I am offering 3 of my favorite Winter themed Math products as FLASH FREEBIES! That means that from today to January 06, 2016, these three products will be free! Once you have used the resources, please take a few minutes to leave feedback and let me know how they worked for you!



Thankful Linkup with FREEBIES!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! I am enjoying the cooler weather and some quality time with my family this week. So much to be thankful for!

Brooke over at Countless Smart Cookies started an AMAZING link up! She has put a few of her products up for FREE this week (Until Thanksgiving Day) and has invited others to do the same. Many people have already linked their products!  This is a great way to get some great resources for FREE! If you like the resources you download, please take a few minutes to leave feedback. Continue reading

Expanded Notation Games, Practice Pages and Quiz

Today I would like to share with you some resources I have created to help my 3rd and 4th graders with expanded notation!

  1. Here is a TOTALLY FREE download!  practiceExpand    It has 2 practice pages and a quiz. The numbers are 4 and 5 digit numbers and the problems include practice for writing expanded notation into standard form and writing standard form into expanded notation.

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FREE Place Value Resources!



We have started school! I love all of the first day of school photos on Facebook! There are a few friends in other districts and other states who have not started yet, but they will very soon!

And, with the beginning of school comes lessons in place value and number sense. Understanding how numbers work together and in relation to each other is critical for understanding other math concepts. Continue reading

Make Math Fun!

Summer is a great time to sleep in, watch movies, read books, play in the sprinkler and eat ice cream!   Summer should be fun and children need time to relax and play.   However, the summer can be long and children can forget some of the skills they  need for the upcoming school year.   I am adding this post  to give you some FREE,  FUN ideas for helping your children practice math skills!    Continue reading

Multiplication Tips

10 Tips for Learning Multiplication Facts: 

Here are some tips I have found helpful for teaching students multiplication facts.

#1: Don’t try to learn them all at once. This can be very overwhelming to most students. Give them time to learn a little bit at a time so they can really master the facts.

#2: Learn the Zero and Ones first … they are pretty easy.   When you multiply a number by ZERO the product will be ZERO. When you multiply a number by ONE the number stays the SAME. Ex: 4 x 0 = 0, 6 x 0 = 0 , 6 x 1= 1 , 9 x 1 = 1.

#3: Master the twos next.   Any number times two is DOUBLE.   Ex: 4 x 2 = 8, 6 x 2 = 12

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