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Holiday Math Craftivities and Activities!

‘Tis the season to be jolly … but, if we are in school we still have math skills to teach and review! Here are some awesome Holiday Math Craftivities and Activities to help your students have fun while still learning! Have your students measure and cut strips of paper in specific lengths and use the strips to make Christmas Trees!…

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Measuring Length

My students are learning how to measure length using standard units, such as inches and centimeters.  There are so many fun activities to help students really understand measurement! Get out your rulers, tape measures, and yard sticks and follow me around this unit!

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Measurement Conversions: Teaching Tips and a FREE Printable

Measurement conversions can be quite overwhelming for some students! This is especially true if they do not understand the relationship between the different units of measurement. Notice I use the word “understand”, not the word “know”. Students can know that 1 foot is 12 inches with out really understanding how they are equal to each other.   Below are suggestions for…

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