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Awesome Math & Science Easter Activities

It is that time of year again! Time for jelly beans, eggs, bunnies and baskets! There are so many ways to use Easter excitement to keep your students engaged in classroom lessons.  Here are some of my favorites from around the web:   Math: One of my favorite activities this time of year is a Math Egg Hunt!  Buy a…

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Mastering Multiplication

Knowing multiplication facts help students see the patterns and relationships between numbers that are needed to be successful in other areas of math!   Division, renaming fractions, and balancing equations are just a few examples where being able to recall facts quickly and correctly are extremely helpful! So what do you do as a teacher or a parent of  upper elementary…

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Tips For Teaching Time and a FREEBIE!

My third and fourth graders have been learning about time!  They have been telling time to the minute and finding elapsed time (intervals of time).  Telling time can be fun, but it can be a bit challenging sometimes! Here are a few tips and a FREE Printable to get you started!

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Resources for Decimals

In my last post I shared some of my strategies for helping students understand decimals. Today I would like to expand on that and share some of my favorite resources! Scholastic Study Jams has a great tutorial on decimal place value which can be found here for FREE! MathAntics has a great FREE video which explains fractions and decimals in terms of…

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Thankful Linkup with FREEBIES!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! I am enjoying the cooler weather and some quality time with my family this week. So much to be thankful for! Brooke over at Countless Smart Cookies started an AMAZING link up! She has put a few of her products up for FREE this week (Until Thanksgiving Day) and has invited others to do the same. Many people…

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Top 10 Rounding Activities!

  My last post included many resources and ideas for rounding! Today I want to share 10 Activities for rounding! 1.) I love this video from Math Coach on You Tube because it uses number lines to help the students understand rounding. To turn it into an activity, have your students use dry erase boards to solve the problems with…

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