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Great Websites for Homework, Homeschool, or Classrooms


Need help with homework, homeschool, or classroom lessons?  There are a lot of great resources on the internet! Some are better than others! Here are 3 that I think are pretty good!

  1. Virtual Nerd:   There are very short videos for almost any Math skill for grades 6 through high school. I especially like how the topics are broken down into sub topics so you can watch a short clip on exactly what you need instead of watching a whole hour long video to find the part you need! The topic index is also very easy to navigate!    And it’s free!!!virtualnerd
  2. HippoCampus: Awesome videos and course resources for middle school through college Math, Science, Humanities  and more!  Also free!  hippcampus
  3. Regents Exam Prep:  The format is like notes and students can use the topical index to find the skill they are looking for. In addition to the notes, there are practices and study tips. Once again, free!  oswego

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