Tips For Teaching Time and a FREEBIE!

Telling Time LessonsMy third and fourth graders have been learning about time!  They have been telling time to the minute and finding elapsed time (intervals of time).  Telling time can be fun, but it can be a bit challenging sometimes! Here are a few tips and a FREE Printable to get you started!


1.   Show kids real clocks & watches as much as you can. We are living in a digital world and students are not as familiar with analog clocks as in generations past.  This may present a challenge.  If you are a parent, point out clocks as you are out and about running errands or taking kids to and from practice. Stop and practicing telling time with them. watch for time lessons If you are a classroom teacher, stop at odd times during the day and ask your students to use your class clock to tell you what time it is. Oswego School has a great clock for showing students how the clock hands move in different increments of time. You can see the current time or you can manipulate the time.


2.  Make it fun!  There are some great games out there for telling time. Stop the Clock from Oswego Schools is one of my favorites. You can put it on a Smart Board and make it a class game or students can play individually on computers.  It’s great for practice at home too!   Click picture 1 for time in 5 minute intervals and picture 2 for time in 1 minute intervals.

stoptheclock5min  stoptheclock1min

3. Elapsed Time and Time Problem Solving!  Start with real examples from students world. Write out and discuss your class schedule or home schedule.  Have students make time lines to show time intervals.  Help kids count by tens, fives, and ones to find time ending, starting, between and elapsed time.   I have a few resources on my TpT page. The one below is a FREEBIE!!!

TellingTimeWordProblemsSAMPLE.png   tellingtimewordproblemssample2




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