Top 10 Rounding Activities!



My last post included many resources and ideas for rounding! Today I want to share 10 Activities for rounding!

1.) I love this video from Math Coach on You Tube because it uses number lines to help the students understand rounding. To turn it into an activity, have your students use dry erase boards to solve the problems with the video. Pause the video before the answers are shown to give your students time to work.

And they have a great one for Hundreds too!

2,) This pirate game from is a lot of fun!  The students round to the given place value. Each time they get a correct answer they get a little “prize” like a parrot or a treasure chest!


3.) Another fun way to practice rounding is by playing a game I created called “4 Score“. Students practice rounding numbers and try to be the first to shade 4 squares in a row on the recording sheet.


4.) Make number lines to help with understanding!

number lines rounding


5. Use blocks to build understanding!

rounding legos

 6.) Play games!

rounding buzz game square

7.)  Use place value units to make a hands on connection!

round using place value

8.) Sort numbers with craft sticks and little cups!

9.) This rounding scoot is a great way to let your students get up and move while they practice rounding! Even better, have them work cooperatively with a partner!


10.) Need practice with rounding word problems? This scavenger hunt is a ot of fun and reinforces important skills!


Want more great ideas for rounding? Check out my Rounding and Estimating Pinterest Board!

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