Measuring Length

My students are learning how to measure length using standard units, such as inches and centimeters.  There are so many fun activities to help students really understand measurement!

Get out your rulers, tape measures, and yard sticks and follow me around this unit!

Start with the hands on activities:  Show your students how to use rulers, and practice together.  In all my years experience, the most common errors are when students start at 1 (instead of Zero) or start at the ruler before the Zero. It is important to explicitly teach students to start at Zero and follow up to make sure students are using the rulers correctly.

Give each table group a basket of objects like glue sticks, crayons, and more to measure.  Let the students measure each others shoes and hold discussions to compare units of length!

Make an anchor chart:

Online Games: Click the pictures to be directed to these great games!

picmeasurefunbrain          capture4

Practice Pages: Click here for some great activities:


This video from MashUpMath is great! It has great graphics and explains how to read the ruler and even how to measure to 1/2, 1/4, and 3/4 of an inch.


NumberRock has a great video with a catchy song for remembering the units for measuring length and the relationships between inches, feet, and yards!

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