Back To School Math

Guess what?!?  It’s time to get ready to go back to school!  Here in my little world we have less than 2 weeks left until the kids are back in school!

addition back to school math.png


If you are a parent looking for something to use to help our kids brush up on Math Skills before the school year stats off, I have something perfect for you!  If you are a teacher looking for classroom work to help get your students back into gear, I also have something for you!

back to school math multiplication bus.png

My Back to School Math Practice is perfect for  elementary students!  It includes 14 pages of Math skills ranging from addition and rounding to multiplication and division! The cute graphics will keep your students engaged while they brush up on skills!

back 2 school wide

These Task Cards are terrific for students to work with partners or groups while brushing up on addition and subtraction! So many things to do with task cards. Play scoot, make a scavenger hunt, put in a center, use at table groups and more!


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