Connecting Math to Student’s Interest


students interested in math

So, we all have had that one kid that just hates math, or that one kid who is bored because they don’t see the meaning to learning math. Okay, if we are really being honest, we know quite a few of these kids … quite a few each year!  Flash back to my beginning years teaching. I naïvely thought if I was a positive upbeat  teacher I could get 100% of my kids involved and excited! And, boy did I try hard! And it worked … 100% all the time! Just kidding! I did get some students engaged,but  I still had kids that just didn’t like math or see the relevance in math no matter what I did!

Somewhere along the way I had a sort of “aha” moment. I was making a quilt for my friend’s soon to be born baby girl. I was measuring, cutting, moving shapes around and organizing patterns. I realized that I was having FUN and using MATH!  I started thinking about how I could help my students use their own hobbies and interests to understand and see the meaning in learning Math.


To get everyone involved, I spent time showing my students my hobby, sewing, and explained how I used Math skills to successfully make quilts, clothing, etc… Then I asked my students about their interests and hobbies and we discussed Math involved.  Afterwards I brought in as much Math “stuff” as I could to make connections!  For example, I went to a few Houston Rockets basketball games with my husband and I would bring the program to school so my basketball loving kids could use them to see the Math in the stats, etc. I found project books and books with records, graphs, charts, etc… related to kids hobbies/interests. As the years went on we got internet friendly computers in the classroom and I was able to find a lot of meaningful websites with statistics on Sports, travel, sewing, music, you name it!

volleyball math


There is Math everywhere … crafts, sports, party planning, cars, traveling, weather, current events, cooking, taking care of pets, video games, building, planting a garden, and so much more! I make it a point to get to know my students’ interests and hobbies so I can relate their interests to Math as often as possible! Sometimes this means pulling up a website and giving them a task or assignment, but sometimes it is as simple as just asking questions and being  such as “How do you think decimals relate to basketball?” or “What kind of Math skills do you need to know to raise and take care of a horse?” 

math meaningful

Keeping up with my students interests is important for establishing good relationships and also for finding connections in Math! I can use their knowledge in their areas of interest to help them build confidence in Math! 

 legos and math

6 thoughts on “Connecting Math to Student’s Interest

  1. Making math relevant in their own world–wonderful concept ~ Thank you for sharing!
    I actually have a quilt-making activity that I recently blogged about: would it be okay if I include a link on that post to your great ideas here?


  2. Love this! It’s so important that young kids see how they can use math in their every day life and with things that interest them. We asked students to ask their parents if they use math at work. We got a lot of great answers back- like a plumber needs to measure to make sure the pieces are fitting properly. Great ideas in this post! Thank you!


  3. This is my first time on your blog!
    I am so happy to have connected with you on the bloggers group 🙂

    We use math in my music class every day! We use it to count rhythms, strums, musical form.


    • Bernadette, So true! There are so many connections between music and Math. Thank you for visiting my blog! I have been over to yours and it is so nice. I love your layout and I have enjoyed learning about your experiences teaching over seas!


  4. I think this is fun but, more importantly, I think it’s great to show kids how math will be a functional part of their lives always! Sometimes it helps with the “Will we ever have to use this?” question!


    • Thanks Mary! I remember thinking when will I ever need this as a kid sometimes, so I really try to get kids to see the connections!


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