Great Math Websites for Middle & High School


Yesterday I shared a few of my favorite websites for elementary math. Today I would like to share some great sites for middle and high school students. These videos would be a good compliment to classroom lessons, homeschool lessons, or as a review at home.

I recommend reviewing internet safety and setting computer guidelines for pre-teens and teens prior to using the internet. If you need suggestions, you might want to visit my Pinterest Board on Computer Rules.  .

Math Antics has a ton of videos on subjects such as converting fractions and solving equations. The videos are all free and there are free worksheets to go with some of the videos. To have access to all of the worksheets there is a small fee.

PBS Math Club is a free websites which uses humor to make skills like finding ratios and adding integers a little more interesting. The videos, which star teens, use parodies of movies, news, and pop culture to make math funny, while getting the point across.

Math is Fun has short lessons for geometry, algebra, number sense and more. This is a great site to go to when you need a little extra help with a concept or can’t remember what a vocabulary word means. At the end of the lessons there are practice problems with interactive feedback. The website is totally free.

Algebra-Class.Com is a website made by an algebra teacher. She has courses that can be taken for a fee, but she also has a lot of free help on her page. There are brief explanations of algebra concepts written in a very easy to understand manner.   She also has some of her video lessons and workbook pages on the site for free.

I am always looking for new websites to help my students and my children at home with Math. Leave me a comment if you want to share some websites you like!

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