Awesome Science Websites!



Last week I shared a few of my favorite websites for Math. Today I would like to share some awesome sites for Science!

As I said in my Math posts, I recommend reviewing internet safety and setting computer guidelines prior to using the internet. If you need suggestions, you might want to visit my Pinterest page on Computer Rules.

Neok12 has a huge collection of videos from astronomy to zoology! The videos are ad free and the site claims that the videos have all been prescreened by teachers.   I have not viewed them all, but the videos I have used in my classroom have been great!

Edheads has interactive games that teach students about topics such as weather, simple machines, and technology. There are also teacher guides to help connect the games to the curriculum and extend the lesson.

Scholastic Study Jams has a lot of Science videos for elementary and middle school grades. The format is cartoonish but with cool characters older kids like. There are no ads.

Brainpop has great videos that explain science concepts along with games and mini-quizzes. The site has a fee if you want full access, but there are a lot of videos for free as well. And

Symbaloo and Livebinders are not Science specific, but worth mentioning on this post. My school district has a great web filter, but I still am cautious about letting students search on the web. When I was in the classroom, I set up a page with the links my students had permission to go to. They knew that it was a big deal! Only got to links on Mrs. Kirk’s page. Here are two sites you can use to set up your own page with links:  Symbaloo and LiveBinders

Viewpure is also not just for Science, but worth mentioning.   There are two ways parents and educators can use Viewpure.   If you find a video you like on youtube, you can enter the link in viewtube to show the video without ads, comments, or a sidebar with other videos. The other way you can use Viewpure is to put your topic in their search engine. Videos that other people have watched on viewpure will come up also ad free!

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