5 Fun Ways to Practice Math Facts


It is important for kids to be fluent with their Math facts, but sometimes the same old pencil paper routines can get boring! And, let’s face it, some kids just need to move around while they are learning!   Here are a few ideas to get your kids moving while practicing Math Facts:

1.   DanceThere are so many great CD’s and You Tube Videos to practice Math facts. Play some songs and have your kids dance while they practice.  I really like Multiplication Motivation CD by Melody House. It’s catchy and each song has it’s own style.  You can also find some fun math songs on youtube, like the one below:  

2. Hopscotch: Get out the sidewalk chalk and make a hopscotch game on the driveway or playground. While you hop along, read the problem and call out the answer.

3.Trash-ketball: Use a trashcan and pick a spot on the floor to be the freethrow line. Use a wadded up pieces of paper as the “ball”. Line students up and each time they get a fact correct, they throw a paper and attempt to score a basket!

4. Hide and Seek Math: Hide flash cards around the house or classroom. Give kids clipboards, pencil, and paper. They seek out the problems and when they find one, they write the problem and answer on the paper. 



5. Beach Ball Toss: Write math problems on a beach ball with sharpie.  Toss the ball. The student who catches the ball has to solve the problem closest to his/her right thumb.



What about Paper & Pencil?   There is a value in paper and pencil practice for math facts as long as you don’t over do it and make it too long and boring! Setting aside 10 -15 minutes a day 3- 4 days a week to practice facts will gain great ground! Give students a chance to wiggle, stretch, or move before and after!  Play one of the activities above before sitting down for a quiet pencil paper time.  If 10 minutes seems too long, start with 3 minutes, after a few weeks work up to 5, then 10 … Coloring pages and mazes can also help math facts practice be a little more fun! 



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