5 Summer Math Tips


Summer Slide is a term often used to describe the backwards slide in academic skills that can happen over a long summer break.  Spending a little time several days a week on Math skills can help your child keep his/her skills sharp and be ready when school starts in the fall.

  1. Make it fun!  Your kids are less likely to complain about doing “school stuff” over the summer if you make it fun.  Play a classic board game such as Yatzee or Monopoly.  Give your child a pencil and paper and let them use it for scratch paper to work out the Math involved.  Help when needed, but also let your child work out the problems they can.  For more Math Fun ideas check out this post.



2.  Practice  Math Facts.  Most Math curriculums are fast paced and a lot of skills are covered during the school year, so practicing basic facts in the Summer can help your child to keep up during the school year when he/she is applying these facts to more complicated problem solving.  Not sure where to start?   Generally students 1st grade and up need to practice addition and subtraction facts and 3rd and up can start on Multiplication and Division.  You can pick up flash cards at most bookstores or variety stores or you can make your own.  Here are some tips for using multiplication cards that can be applied for any flashcards.  If your child doesn’t do well with Flash Cards, you can try a Math App or Website to practice facts!  One of my favorites is the Math Magician by Oswego Schools:

math magician


3.  Watch educational videos.  For all grades you can find videos on Math Game Time.  In addition,  Scholastic Study Jams and PBS Cyberchase both have  great Math videos for grades 3 and up.



4.  Talk about Math as you go about your day to day routines. Involve your child in the Math related to cooking, shopping, playing with toys, driving to grandmas! There are so many opportunities to fit Math discussions and Math problem solving into your day!



5.  Workbooks and worksheets can also be helpful.  If you visit your local teacher supply store or look online at Amazon, you can find many great workbooks.  Office supply stores will often have a small educational section where you can find workbooks.  Just remember to balance the worksheets out with fun activities and real world experiences like suggested above.






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