5 Summer Reading Tips


Summer Slide is a term used to describe the slide backwards that often happens if children do not spend time on academic related skills over the Summer.  There are many fun ways to keep your child reading over the Summer to prevent them from getting behind and to even get them ahead of the game!

1. Sign up for a Summer Reading Club at your local library or bookstore.  Barnes and Noble and Half Price Books have details online about their free programs.

2. Make Reading part of your family activities.  Have everyone bring a book when you go to the park or even when out running errands.  If kids have books around, they will be more likely to pick one up and read during a down time.


3.  Find fun, unique Reading related side trips for your family.  I have recently learned about the tiny libraries!  Look online and find the closest one too you.  Have your kids take a favorite book to donate and swap for one in the library!   A trip to your local public library or a bookstore you haven’t been to can also motivate your child to pick a new book!


4. Get the high frequency word list (aka site words) for next year and make a game out of learning the words.  Many school districts post the word lists on their website under the curriculum section.  Write the words on index cards and play games such as connect four using the cards.  See the directions for using flash cards with Connect Four here.  The Reading Mama has a free blackout game for site words on her blog or you can take it outside and play this fun sight word hopscotch!

5.  Play Summer Reading Bingo to motivate your child to read more.  Research shows that the more a child reads, the better reader they become (go figure)!  Here is a blog post by The Chirping Moms with free printable pages and suggestions for reading bingo.

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